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2016 - 2019
UNILAD’s objectives were to create highly efficient advertising campaigns with the largest brands and ad agencies. Our goal was to create engaging viral social media content and videos, and use an efficient paid media program to distribute that content for the lowest possible cost per engagement.
We had several challenges. The first challenge was working between New York and London, as Facebook’s tools were different in each country. Often giving different pricing for paid ads in London and New York. By communicating and working together, we were able to create the most efficient media buys, from buying media in the US or London depending on the goals of the campaign. Other challenges we had were estimating media costs prior to campaign launch.
Our solutions centered around teamwork and communication between New York, London and Manchester. By working together on the proposal phase, we were able to successfully estimate media costs for our campaigns that we sold through. And by working together on campaign delivery, we were able to find the lowest cost per view and cost per engagement with paid media buying in New York. Additionally, we were able to do social media brand lift studies with Nielsen, Tubular, and Shareablee for the campaigns we ran on UNILAD.
Managed paid search program
Facebook, Instagram paid media, Retargeting & Data. Built and managed pages
Built and managed Youtube channel. Managed Youtube paid video distribution
Managed programmatic video, rich media and display
Managed Snap paid media and content production

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