Launching Zealist

Digital marketing is changing fast. The original model of search marketing, email, programmatic banner ads and digital video, has largely been disrupted today. The rise of ecommerce and social has become central to our experiences online. Amazon advertising has become one of the fastest growing media businesses in history.

Amazon is now where people are spending most of their time online.  Amazon has built its empire around commerce and media, and time spent on Amazon and its properties are now competing with Google and Facebook. There is no more proof of this with the rise of Amazon’s multibillion-dollar advertising business.

Amazon advertising’s rapid billion-dollar ascent is causing now a major shift in the multi-billion dollar advertising marketplace. We have read recently that many advertisers are moving half of their budget away from Google to Amazon. And we have also seen that most Amazon marketers are raising their ad budgets in 2019. It’s our contention that this will only grow bigger, as consumers spend their time and change their product discovery and shopping behaviors.

New sales channels and business models are evolving rapidly in this landscape. Social celebrities, social publishers and influencers are the most recognized people in media. The scale and efficiency of working with influencers have given marketers new tools for creating cost-effective sales channels that rival traditional digital marketing. Today’s most innovative marketers are using influencers and social publishers more effectively than traditional digital advertising. These brands are typically doing it with a hefty amount of trial and error. But those that are successful are keeping it tightly under wraps.

It’s now clear that Amazon is causing the shift in consumer behavior and shopper discovery. Given all of the options available to the marketer, Amazon and social commerce demand expertise and the knowledge on how to best use these platforms. We are excited to work with our clients and make them more successful in growing their businesses with Zealist.